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Army Film & Photographic Unit

afpu pic

Each AFPU cameraman was equipped much like his fellow infantryman in terms of uniform and equipment, and was largely self-sufficient when away on an assignment. In terms of arms he carried only a standard army issue .38 calibre Webley Mk IV revolver and of course his camera, with which to shoot film.


The standard issue stills cameras were 120 format made by the German company Ikonta, and obtained via Canada or America, and comprised the following models:

Super Ikonta 530/16

Super Ikonta 532/16


The standard issue cine cameras were 35mm format using 100 ft rolls of Kodak Super XX black & white film and comprised the following models:

DeVry Model A and B

Bell & Howe Eyemo

Vinten Model K Mark I ‘Normandy’

An outside & inside view of the DeVry 35mm clockwork cine camera, affectionately known as the “Sardine Can” or “Lunch Box”.



All pictures copyright of Gary Hughes & Jeff Ball unless otherwise stated

Devry 4
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