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Army Film & Photographic Unit

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This is an example of an original and quite rare Handbook of the Army Film & Photographic Unit of the British Army, which appeared on eBay in America in the autumn of 2007.


The manual was described as being 60 pages long plus two blank pages for notes at the end and measuring measuring about  6” x 4” in format.  The Introduction to the manual reads that “the object of this handbook is to improve the standard of battle photography”.


The manual appears to be almost like a catalogue with photos, illustrations and details on a wide range of still cameras and movie cameras used, including accessories such as lenses and flashguns and more.


Some of the cameras featured include: DeVry Cine Camera Type A and Type B; Bell & Howell Eyemo Cine Camera; Newman & Sinclair Cine Camera; Vinten Normandy Cine Camera Model K;  Super Ikonta Camera; Bessa Voigtlander; Rolleiflex and Kodak Medalist


And to top it off there was an Army Film Unit sticker attached to the back cover plus also the former owner’s name is written on the front cover, a Sergeant A.T. Oldham.

AFPU Handbook....

Pictures from eBay adsvert

AFPU handbook
DeVry page
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