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Our camera collection includes a number of 35mm cine cameras, one of which is DeVry No.27, which through research at the Imperial War Museum we have identified as the camera used by Sergeant Vic Watkins of the AFPU from D-Day +1 until he was killed in action in January 1945. The camera was later issued to Sergeant Mike Lewis and used by him to film the liberation of Bergen Belsen, and for the rest of the war.


DeVry No.27 is an example of the Type B that was specially modified for use by the AFPU following their experiences in North Africa with the Type A. From research undertaken to date it appears that the modificatiosn to the body and lens mount were undertaken in the DeVry factory and some such as the addition of the viewfinder and mods to the clockwork motor, by the AFPU technicians in the UK.


Below is some information on the history of the camera and some images of the camera as it currently stands.

DeVry No.27

Pictures from various sources including CAPU website

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