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Although reproduced in what must now be millions of publications and countless films and documentaries, very few of the pictures and films taken by the Army Film & Photographic Unit or AFPU have been directly credited to them.


Their superb photographic archive of all aspects of the life of the British and Commonwealth Armies during World War Two, which is now housed in the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London, was gained at no little cost. A high proportion of AFPU personnel paid the ultimate price for that everlasting photographic record of our nation at war.

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01 Arnhem 2004

Think of the war and the chances are that a particular image will spring to mind. But how many of us give any thought as to how that photograph was captured.

afpu pic

What it was all about. The shoulder-flash of the Army Film & Photographic Unit (AFPU) worn with pride by the cameramen

This website is also a record of our association with some of the finest World War 2 living history re-enactment groups, most notably Monty's Men, as well as some superbly informative and realistic commemorative trips that we have participated in over the years. The quality of the people that we have worked with, their attention to detail and the locations, makes it difficult at times to tell whether a picture was taken in 1944 or not. Our photographic archive is therefore also a record of these re-enactors achievements over the years

This website is dedicated to all the former AFPU cameramen

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